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Dana Rockey, leading an integrative
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For more than three decades Dr. Rockey has served the most discerning dental patients, who have ranged from business CEOs, Hollywood’s elite to young professionals and family members. Our passion is for helping people live healthy lifestyles.

Our focus is on dental health and wellness, not simply treating conditions. When caring for your dental needs, we take your total health into consideration. Some call it Dentistry 2.0, others call it smart healthcare – we call it wellness-based dentistry and know from experience that it simply makes sense in the overall well-being and health of our patients.

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What is Wellness-Based Dentistry?
Wellness-based dentistry is the practice of dentistry where the overall health of patients is taken into consideration as well as the their (body) system – we don’t simply focus on the mouth. Although we offer standard dental and esthetic dental procedures and services, wellness-based dentistry is focused on achieving and maintaining health rather than simply reacting and treating symptoms and conditions.

We work diligently to educate and coach our patients in the best way to achieve their health goals and outcomes they desire.

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