Dr. Dana Rockey, Integrative Dentist

Today’s health crisis is largely driven by preventable diseases. The majority of these diseases stem from demanding lifestyles and our fast-paced, fast-food culture.

Located in Newport Beach, Dr. Rockey, a wellness-based dentist helps patients achieve and maintain health and wellness, and partners with physicians across disciplines to solve medical issues that are often interconnected. We believe that disease often begins in the mouth, and so does healing.

The health of the oral cavity directly correlates with the quality of a person’s overall health. From the quality of the food that a person eats to the levels of unhealthy bacteria in the oral cavity, our overall health is impacted by our mouths.

Eighty percent of Americans have some form of Periodontal disease which has been directly linked to heart disease, cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease, erectile dysfunction and much more. Research suggests that as many as one in two heart attacks are related to periodontal disease.

The good news: There’s a new standard of healthcare!
Dr. Dana Rockey and Peggy Rockey RN are helping to shape a new standard of healthcare that integrates a wellness approach to dentistry and healthcare with an oral-systemic discipline. Healthcare providers are starting to recognize the importance that the oral cavity plays with the rest of the body as an integrated system. The Rockeys also place an emphasis on healthy nutrition which fuels healing and healthy living.

Today, the Rockeys are working with physicians and specialists across disciplines to deliver a comprehensive, smart approach to the diagnosis and care of their patients.

Dr. Dana Rockey, Peggy Rockey RN, Dr. Bill Sears and others are helping bring positive change to the healthcare and dental professions. These changes are benefiting their patients, colleagues and people all over the world who seek better health and better healthcare options. Through articles, videos and infographics, DanaRockey.com compiles the ideas and strategies that are helping shape a new standard of healthcare.