Recently Dr. Dana Rockey had the opportunity to speak about the science behind the product line, JuicePlus+ at an event held in south Orange County.

As you may know, JuicePlus+ is simply dehydrated whole food – organic fruits and vegetables. The packaging carries a food label and has certification by NSF International for carrying the food ingredients that it claims, and nothing else. Available in capsule form, JuicePlus+ is taken daily by those who recognize the benefits of bridging the gap between the number of servings of fruits and veggies that we’re supposed to eat each day (9-13 servings) and what we actually eat on a daily basis. The capsules are rich in phytonutrients which is the actual benefit you ingest when you eat fruits and vegetables.  

The event was well attended and featured a well rounded panel of experts that addressed the science of eating a whole food, plant-based diet presented by Dana Rockey, and profound health/life improvement stories from Nicole Brown and Jayme Jorgensen Westerfield, Sharon Fowler Hilgen and Lauren Robinson Horn.

For those of you who asked for Dr Rockey’s presentation on the science of JuicePlus+, below is a video recap of his presentation. In it Dana explains what JuicePlus+ is, the benefits of eating a whole food, plant based diet, and touches on the science behind the product line.  


When asked why leading healthcare professionals like Dr, Rockey, Dr, Bill Sears, Dr. Richard DuBois and others are so outspoken in the support of JuicePlus+ and promoting the benefits of eating JuicePlus+, its because they are on the front lines of working with patients and see the need for healthy nutrition in combatting disease and inflammation, a major contributor to diseases like cancer. Additionally, they have studied the science including thirty-seven research studies, and personally Dana Rockey and Bill Sears have experienced personal life-changing transformations of their own which they claim allowed them to heal from significant health issues and disease. 

Thank you all for your support and kind words. Dr. Dana Rockey and Peggy Anne Rockey thoroughly enjoy speaking about fitness, wellness and nutrition, and they have dedicated their lives to helping people live healthy lives.



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