Dana Rockey was recently interviewed by Dr. Howard Farran, CEO of Dentistry Uncensored and Dentaltown Magazine

In this interview Dana talks about leaders and organizations that helped shape his career including Farran and the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). Dana talks about his philosophy on healthcare and his approach to dental care, namely wellness dentistry. Howard Farran has been one of Dana’s mentors who he has followed since he was a young dentist. It is a highlight of Dana’s dental career to be interviewed by Howard.

Click below to play the video interview. 


The U.S. health care system has gained a reputation for generally responding to sickness and disease. Some refer to it as a “sick-care system”. Often times doctors treat patients in silos, don’t connect the dots with what’s happening in one area of the body with a person’s systems and organs, and generally simply react to sickness and disease versus focusing on keeping patients healthy.

Dr. Dana Rockey is leading an oral-systemic discipline and a wellness approach to healthcare. This engaging hour-long interview gives viewers insights to how Dana Rockey, one of healthcare’s prominent leaders are making a difference in the lives of people everywhere, both patients and healthcare industry leaders.

Dana did this interview with Dentistry Uncensored as part of an ongoing outreach effort to increase awareness of the importance of embracing an oral-systemic discipline and a wellness approach to dentistry and healthcare. Dentistry Uncensored reaches new and emerging dentists and healthcare professionals.