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Dr. Rockey is a leader in the dental industry. For over 30 years he has continued to set new platinum standards of dental care. His vision – to provide patients the highest quality of dental care possible.

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Dana Rockey HealthyDr. Dana Rockey is a leader in the dental and healthcare industry. For more than three decades Dr. Rockey delivered the highest quality of dental care through combining his extensive experience, his unique approach to patient care and by incorporating advanced technology. Dr. Rockey focuses on wellness-based dentistry (health versus only responding to disease), incorporating an oral-systemic discipline (understanding of how the mouth affects the brain, heart and other organs), and treating patients as people who have an interconnected, body-wide system.

In addition to providing traditional dental services, Dr. Rockey brings new innovative services that allow patients to proactively screen and monitor their health. Dr. Rockey takes pride in exceeding all standards for his profession. Although he has received recognition for being “Best Dentist” and awards from community organizations, his focus is always the health and wellness of his patients. Dr. Rockey remains an active member of the American Dental Association, the American Association for Oral Systemic Health, the California Dental Association, and the Orange County Dental Society. He speaks regularly at conferences and seminars to audiences on on nutrition, fitness and JuicePlus+.

Dana received a Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from UC Irvine in 1977; he then received his dental degree from Washington University School of Dental Medicine in St. Louis in 1984.

Since 2012, Dana has undergone a three-year personal transformation that led him to being the fittest that he’s been in his lifetime. After losing 40 pounds and replacing medications with good nutrition, regular outdoor exercise and a new point of reference, Dana is strong – both physically and mentally, and has more energy today than ever before, which helps drives his vision of providing the best dental care to his patients and helping guide them in achieving a healthy lifestyle of nutrition, exercise and balance.

Dana has owned successful practices in South Orange County (Rancho Santa Margarita) and Los Angeles (Burbank and San Marino) where patients ranging from business CEOs, Hollywood’s elite, young professionals and family members, sought out the best dental care available.

Dr. Rockey is a Southern California native who has a love for the outdoors. On weekends you’ll often find him growing fruits and vegetables in his own vertical gardens, visiting car shows throughout Orange County, and hiking/walking with Peggy and their adorable Cavalier Spaniel dog, Cooper (pictured to the right). Dr. Rockey is involved in the local communities and has served on the boards of non profit organizations.

Dr. Rockey notes, “I’m excited about continuing what I’m most passionate about – serving my patients in a meaningful way as a dentist. I want people to know that I care about them and their health. My business card says that I’m a dentist, and yes, that’s what I am – but it’s not about ‘cleanings and procedures’ – for me, its about helping my patients to live healthy and happy lives.”

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Address: 355 Placentia Avenue, Suite 306, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Combining Wellness Dentistry and Oral-Systemic Discipline

Dr. Rockey talks about the importance of a wellness approach to dental care – recognizing that our body’s systems are all interconnected. In a time when our healthcare system is primarily geared toward responding to sickness and disease, our focus is keeping you healthy.

Defining Wellness Based Dentistry

Dr. Rockey explains that wellness-based dentistry, combined with an oral-systemic discipline gives people the most comprehensive dental care available. It simply means that we are focused on achieving and maintaining health and wellness, rather than simply reacting or responding to disease.

An Oral-Systemic, Wellness Approach to Dental Care

Dr. Rockey explains his approach to dental care. He and his team take a patient’s total health into consideration. Dr. Rockey knows from experience that wellness-based dentistry simply makes sense in the overall well-being and health of his patients.

Read excerpts from an interview with Dr. Rockey:

Transition to Dentistry 2.0: Wellness-based Dentistry

Q: What is your motivation to open a new practice after 30 years as a dentist?

Dana: Let me describe my transition first as professional, then from a personal perspective. I can tell you that as a professional, after 31 years of doing primarily restorative dentistry–in other words, fixing things that were wrong–I have decided to change the focus in my professional journey. And that would be to work on what I call wellness-based dentistry. Click here to continue.

Dana Rockey’s Personal Journey to Health and Wellness

Q: Tell us about your personal health transformation.

Dana: About three years ago, I turned a corner in my own health. I, prior to that, was very unhealthy and pretty overweight and taking a lot of medicines for major systemic issues. This all was brought on by a very unhealthy lifestyle, working a great deal and doing everything you’re not supposed to be doing. Click here to continue.

The Personal Life of Dana Rockey

Q: What else is going on in your life? (Family, Personal, Hobbies)

Dana: Our youngest children recently turned 19, and moved out of the house to study at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. They are living together there in Las Vegas and really enjoy the area and school. They are very focused in their majors and areas of study. Peggy and I are happy for them and are excited to see that they’re motivated, organized and passionate about what they’re doing. We look forward to seeing them grow in the years ahead. Click here to continue.

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