On Friday, December 16,2016, Dr. Rockey was interviewed by dental industry leaders and CEO of Dentaltown, Dr. Howard Farran about wellness dentistry, the practice’s one-year anniversary, reflecting on Rockey’s past 30 years of dentistry, and Rockey’s plans for 2017.

Topics that will be covered in the interview: 

The video blog, Dentistry Uncensored reaches a large audience of dental students and dental professionals. Dr. Rockey’s purpose in  doing the interview is to give back to the dental profession by helping educate the next generation of healthcare professionals on topics like wellness-based dentistry, the oral-systemic connection, and viewing patients as whole people with interconnected systems that are directly impacted by the health of the mouth. 

Dr. Howard Farran is one of five top professionals who greatly influenced Dr. Rockey in his career as a dentist and health care professional. During the interview, Howard and Dana shared some laughs and had fun reminiscing about their careers and friends they have in common. 

The interview will be released on Farran’s vlog, Dentistry Uncensored in early 2017. 

Dr. Dana Rockey
As most dentists and health care professionals who have run large, successful practices for 30 years are thinking about retirement, Dr. Dana Rockey is just getting started. Dr Rockey has treated Hollywood’s elite, CEOs of large corporations, and families who have come to appreciate his platinum level of service.

With the sale of his last large practice, Dr. Rockey opened a new generation dental practice in Newport Beach, California.

The U.S. health care system has gained a reputation for generally responding to sickness and disease. Some refer to it as a “sick-care system”. Often times doctors treat patients in silos, don’t connect the dots with what’s happening in one area of the body with a person’s systems and organs, and generally simply react to sickness and disease versus focusing on keeping patients healthy. 

Dr Rockey’s combines a wellness approach to healthcare, an oral-systemic discipline and an emphasis on fitness and nutrition to keep patients and clients healthy, and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices. 

Dr. Rockey and other progressive healthcare professionals are leading the wellness-movement in healthcare and dentistry to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. 

What brought about this change? After many years of “living the dream” – owning large, successful practices – about 5 years ago Dr. Rockey found himself at a “point of quiet desperation”. Although he had all that money could buy, he was stressed out, taking medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol, and just plain burned out. 

Over the next twelve months that followed, Dr Rockey went through a personal transformation towards health and fitness. Today, Dr Rockey has more energy than he had 30 years ago. His focus on wellness and helping people life healthier, happier lives has given Dr Rockey more meaning and purpose in his own personal life. 

Because oral bacteria and subsequent inflammation have been linked to many other conditions such as cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and preterm labor, Rockey offers oral and systemic diagnostic services that allow patients to proactively screen and monitor their health in progressive ways that dentists have not offered their patients until now.

After 30 years, Dr. Rockey and his wife Peggy Ann Rockey, RN have blended their careers, which they are really excited about. Together they offer services that help their patients and clients to maintain and/or achieve health and wellness. Dr Rockey approaches dentistry and the care of his patients from a whole-body system perspective.