The Robertson family received a package of twenty seedlings for their brand new Tower Garden that uses the latest hydroponic technology to grow organic fruits and vegetables without soil and with a minimal amount of water.

Over the past four months the Robertson family have been undergoing a transformation as they have learned about nutrition and have embraced healthy nutrition as part of their lifestyle.

David Robertson says, “Although we knew about the importance of nutrition, we didn’t live a consistent healthy lifestyle. We had periods of eating healthy; we’d clear out the cupboards from time-to-time, but then, the processed food would creep back in.”

For our family, the light bulb went on gradually over a few months and finally we had an epiphany by spending time with our friend and dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey and his wife, Peggy Anne Rockey, an RN and health coach who are really focused on helping patients understand how to live practical health-centered lifestyles.

“Through conversations with the Rockeys that made sense, I started seeing things differently for the first time”, notes Robertson. Those epiphanies included:

  • Staying out of doctor’s offices and hostiptals are largely optional through staying healthy
  • Nutrition is the number one determinant of a person’s overall heath
  • Chronic body inflammation is rampant in the U.S., and combined with a poor diet, its a breeding ground for cancers
  • Healthy nutrition enables the body to heal itself and do amazing things

The Rockeys turned the Robertsons on to a daily regiment of dehydrated fruits and vegetables to bridge the gap between what most Americans consume on a daily basis and the 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables that we need each day.

Additionally, the Robertsons recently received a vertical garden (Tower Garden by JuicePlus+), a soilless, space efficient growing system that will allow the family to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables in their backyard.   

Emma, the youngest family member has both inspired and motivated her family towards eating a healthier diet. She became a vegetarian three months ago, mostly because she loves animals and started asking a lot of questions that gave her answers that she didn’t care for. She has a tomato garden and is really excited about growing other fruits and veggies. 

Tower Garden Seedlings   IMG_1836

Emma enthusiastically opened the FedEx package that contained the first shipment of seedlings for their new Tower Garden that included mini broccoli, cucumber, arugula, bunching onions, romaine, Siberian kale, cherry tomatoes, parsley and thyme. “We texted the Rockeys and we quickly scheduled a time for them to come over to help us set up our tower garden” said Robertson. 


Over the next few months we’ll check in with the Robertsons to see the progress of their Tower Garden and their journey to better health and wellness.


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