Did you know that your next visit to the dentist could be the single most important appointment that has the greatest impact on your health?

Medical researchers now know the importance of the oral-systemic connection on a person’s entire health and well-being. The health of the oral bacteria and condition of a person’s mouth directly impacts the a person’s brain, heart, organs and blood vessels. 

As dental health professionals, we often see patients at their dental appointments who assume that their mouths are healthy because they don’t feel discomfort or pain. Upon examination and testing we discover a different reality that some patients have difficulty in accepting.

This brings up the challenge that we, as dental health practitioners face – in the light of recent medial discoveries including the oral-systemic connection and recent advances in dentistry, we must overcome misperceptions and incorrect beliefs among patients and even healthcare practitioners, including dentists.  

According to a Newport Beach Independent article, “Because oral bacteria and subsequent inflammation have been linked to many other conditions such as cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and preterm labor, Rockey offers oral and systemic diagnostic services that allow patients to proactively screen and monitor their health in progressive ways that dentists have not offered their patients until now.”

In addition to dental services that customers would expect a dentist to offer, Newport Beach-based Dana Rockey DMD offers new innovative services, advanced technology and a philosophy focused on wellness-based dental care that takes a patient’s body systems and overall health into consideration. 

The simple and encouraging message that Dana Rockey would like people to know is that there is a new standard of dental care available to those who want to take a proactive, integrative approach to their overall health.  

Dana Rockey DMD combines a wellness-focus on dentistry and healthcare, an oral-systemic discipline, and an emphasis on healthy nutrition to help his patients live long, active, disease-free lives. Rockey notes. “Our purpose is to help our patients to live healthy lives. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality dental care in proven and progressive ways.”

At a Glance: 

Chronic Inflammation:
Inflammation is a multi-factor condition that is a precursor for disease. The presence of chronic inflammation in the body is an alarm that the immune system is overwhelmed and not operating as it should. Healthcare leaders like Dr. Dana Rockey and Dr. Bill Sears, MD are collaborating across disciplines to increase awareness among patients and healthcare practitioners. Click here to see an interview with Rockey and Sears.

Periodontal Disease:
Periodontal disease is an oral disease that affects the gums and the surrounding tissue. The bad bacteria from periodontal disease permeates throughout the body and negatively affects the brain, heart, arteries, organs and more. One of the tools that is effective in assessing a person’s periodontal health is periodontal probing and charting.

Dr. Rockey DMD’s Approach:
Our goal is to ensure that the mouth is free from disease and inflammation, and that it is healthy. Dr. Rockey and his staff promote good oral and overall health through delivering the highest standard of dental care and through education on creating good oral hygiene habits and incorporating healthy nutrition into one’s lifestyle.

Next Step:
Contact your dentist or Dr. Dana Rockey to schedule an oral health exam that includes salivary testing. You may reach Dr. Dana Rockey DMD, located in Newport Beach at (949) 642-4632 or Team@ DanaRockey.com.   


Dr Dana Rockey discusses his ideas on what a contemporary dental office should look like