As a dentist and healthcare professional, Dr. Dana Rockey has the opportunity to regularly speak with people about health. Whether its one-on-one at the side of the dental chair, in business meetings or conferences, one of the first things that comes up is Dr. Rockey’s personal journey to better health and fitness, and what led him to the point in his career to open the Newport Beach dental practice after 30 years, when most people would be thinking about retirement.

In his journey to better health, Dr. Rockey frequently talks about the starting point, about five years ago. At that time, he thought I had it all – he had a large, successful practice, a wonderful family and he was living in one of his favorite coastal towns in the world, Laguna Beach. That success came with a cost, and for Dr. Rockey, that price included an unhealthy lifestyle, an unbalanced life, poor nutritional choices, and a great deal of stress. At that time, Rockey was taking pharmaceutical medicines to control high blood pressure and cholesterol – all that, to “keep a lid on everything”, or, so he thought.

The fact was that Dr. Rockey was sicker than he believed he was and reached a point that he refers to as, quiet desperation. Rockey notes, “Up to that point, my wife, Peggy Anne, who is a registered nurse, had been trying to help educate me and motivate toward living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for quite a while. I finally caught the vision, and the light went on about five years ago. That’s when I really started making the lifestyle changes that I needed to make to make the first steps in to my brand new life.”

Dr. Rockey was fortunate to be able to take an in-depth look at nutrition by studying the research. Nutrition is the vast majority of his health and wellness. Through the research on nutrition, and help from his wife, Peggy Ann, Dr. Rockey found JuicePlus+ and their product line which kick-started his journey towards better health and got him going in the right direction.

Rockey notes, “Five years later and I’ve got energy; I’ve got a renewed purpose and passion. I’ve taken my experiences over the last five years and blended that with my professional career. After 32 years, we’ve opened what we call, a wellness-based dental practice, which is a game changer.”

He continues, “We’re elevating the standard of dental care and healthcare to an entirely new level. This advancement is in a direction that makes sense, that’s smart, and benefits people who know that it’s up to them to take responsibility for their own health, and who want doctors who’s goal and purpose is to help them live a healthy life, rather than simply reacting to disease.”

Dr. Rockey says that the purpose of his Newport Beach practice is to help all patients to take simple steps towards healthier lives. “That’s what we’re here to do. You too can make changes toward better health, by making one simple change (at a time).”