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Dana Rockey’s Personal Journey to Health and Wellness

Dana Rockey in Garden

Q: Tell us a little bit about your personal health transformation.

Dana: About three years ago, I turned a corner in my own health. I, prior to that, was very unhealthy and pretty overweight and taking a lot of medicines for major systemic issues. This all was brought on by a very unhealthy lifestyle, working a great deal and doing everything you’re not supposed to be doing.

So at some point, I reached what I call a point of quiet desperation. When I speak in front of groups, I usually refer to it as that. It must be what drove me to think about changing what I was doing, because I was feeling so bad. And my biology-degree mind was telling me that what must be going on inside wasn’t so great. So I began to turn it around in terms of what I was thinking and what I was eating.

What I’ve found in my personal journey, is that nutrition has been everything. It’s been essential to my transformation. In the process, I discovered a product called Juice Plus which enabled me to gain the benefits of whole food nutrition.

Over five or six months I lost a great deal of weight and felt a great deal better. When I visited the doctor, I found out that I’d lost 40 pounds, and my blood chemistry had changed dramatically, for the best.

And so I continued down that path and within a year I was feeling even better with more weight loss. Here I am three years later and I’m feeling great. I get compliments on my appearance and how I look. Today I continue to live a very healthy lifestyle in terms of mind, body, and spirit all together.

So that’s been my transformation. It’s taken over three years, and I’m continuing to improve myself and my health as I learn more about the science behind it. I continue to further my journey towards spiritual development, too. So it’s been about a three-year journey – from very unhealthy to what I consider healthy and strong.

These exciting changes have given me the impetus to teach, help and coach others to come along on a similar journey toward a healthy, more balanced lifestyle. Being that I’m a wellness health professional–and my wife, Peggy, a nurse–we have a great opportunity and platform, to be able to promote wellness and health to others. So that’s what I’m looking to do on a daily basis.

Below: Dana Rockey before and after.


Dana Rockey - Before
Dana Rockey Healthy


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