Dr. Rockey and Dr. Sears are redefining what it means to be leaders in the healthcare industry, starting by putting the word ‘health’ back in the term ‘healthcare provider’. They are leading the wellness-based healthcare movement that puts patients and their overall health, front and center.

Today’s reality is that the U.S. healthcare system often simply manages disease and responds to sickness rather than striving for the wellness, health and happiness of patients. A continual focus on responding to disease and sickness doesn’t help people to become healthy. Treating disease is only part of the solution. With studies showing that the majority of disease and sickness is nutritional and lifestyle-related, and therefore preventable, it’s logical to make ‘wellness’ the main focus of our healthcare industry.

Sears and Rockey also address poor food choices and stressful lifestyles that are slowly draining us of our health, wealth, and the enjoyment of our lives. When they are treating patients, both Sears and Rockey address the importance of healthy nutrition, and a diet that includes organic, whole food.

Rockey, a dentist for over 30 years and Sears, a pediatrician, author of over 40 books, and the founder of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute were recently interviewed about their approach to wellness dentistry, how the mouth directly impacts a person’s overall health, the impact of chronic inflammation, the importance of healthy nutrition, and their personal journeys to living healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Dr. Sears now uses dental terms when talking to patients because of his understanding of how the mouth impacts the health of the rest of the body, even in babies.

In addition to running his integrative dental practice in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Rockey works with general physicians and specialists (Oncologists, Cardiologists, Endocrinologist, Obstetrician-Gynecologists, Pediatricians) to help diagnose their patients, thereby delivering the highest standard of care to patients and ensuring the success of treatments.

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