We are excited to announce the release of a new publication, Newport Coast Health & Wellness magazine.

Newport Coast Health & Wellness is a key piece in an educational outreach campaign to reach physicians, healthcare leaders and patients. Dr. Dana Rockey, Peggy Rockey and others are helping bring positive change to the healthcare and dental industries. These changes are benefiting their patients, colleagues and people all over the world who seek better health and better healthcare options. Through articles, videos and infographics, this colorful magazine compiles the ideas and strategies that are helping shape a new standard of healthcare.

The changes that Dr. Rockey is helping to champion was inspired by his personal journey towards healthy living which began approximately five years ago. He went from being overweight, taking multiple pharmaceuticals for high blood pressure, and always feeling sluggish from eating poorly, to being fit, thinking clearly and having more energy than he has ever had. 

Dr. Rockey and Peggy Rockey, RN combined their careers two years ago with the opening of their Newport Beach dental practice, and are reinventing what it means to me a healthcare provider. They have created the next-generation dental practice, located in Newport Beach, California, that incorporates an ‘oral-systemic’ discipline, treating the mouth and body as being interconnected, and focuses on health/wellness rather than simply reacting to (treating disease). 

Dana Rockey, Integrative Dentist, Peggy Rockey, RN and Nutrition Consultant, Dr. Bill Sears, Pediatrician and Founder of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha, whole body dentist, and Richard E. DuBois, M.D., an infectious disease specialist are championing a new, higher standard of healthcare and leaders of an integrative, wellness approach to patient care.  


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Richard E. DuBois, M.D. (L) and Dr. Dana Rockey (R)

Dana Rockey and Dr. Bill Sears