The Connection Between Oral Health and Entire Body Health Can’t be Overlooked

Dr. Rockey Leads the Way to a Higher Standard of Healthcare/Dental Care

Since opening his Newport Beach dental practice earlier this year, Dr. Dana Rockey has gained growing interest from patients, healthcare industry colleagues and the media for his emphasis on ‘wellness-based dentistry’ (wellness-based healthcare), and the core of that approach, the oral-systemic connection.

The oral-systemic connection is the bi-directional relationship of what happens in the mouth that affects the rest of the body and organ systems, and how medical conditions in the rest of the body affect what’s happening in the mouth.

Dr. Rockey says, “our core philosophy of our practice is to keep people healthy, happy and out of hospitals. Many dental patients are unaware of this bi-directional relationship. Because of this, education in our practice is a major priority. We explain that what’s going on in one place can affect what’s going on elsewhere in the body, and the visa-versa.


Nutrition: essential for good health

When we consider making changes to help patients improve their dental and overall health, the nutritional component is a crucial part that too often gets overlooked or minimized. When we meet new or existing patients we take a close look at their medical history and their list of pharmaceutical medicines to understand their medical conditions, and what’s happening in the mouth that may be affecting their medical condition.

We help people understand what’s really going with their overall health by painting a bigger picture with a broader brush. We get into areas like Vitamin D levels which are critical in terms of reducing inflammation and helping the body’s healing process.

We have blood tests that check for bacteria levels relative to periodontal disease, and have blood tests that screen for inflammation components in the rest of the body, as well as blood sugar levels, A1C, a blood test that provides information about a person’s levels of blood glucose, and other screening tests that have been unavailable through dentists, until now.

There are many new modern techniques and things that we can do to help educate patients who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Rockey notes, “Aside from delivering world-class dental work, we’re here to help people lead healthier lives.”

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