Q: What else is going on in your life? (Family, Personal, Hobbies)

Dana: Our youngest children recently turned 19, and moved out of the house to study at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. They are living together there in Las Vegas and really enjoy the area and school. They are very focused in their majors and areas of study. Peggy and I are happy for them and are excited to see that they’re motivated, organized and passionate about what they’re doing. We look forward to seeing them grow in the years ahead.

My greatest enjoyment is puttering around the house. I love gardening and enjoy my Tower Gardens, a vertical aeroponic garden by Juice Plus. I have three of them. For those who have been to Disney World in Florida and experienced The Land attraction, you’ve seen the vertical gardens. They are gaining popularity, especially in California with the severe drought. I enjoy growing organic produce in my yard with minimal water and minimal space requirements.

A big part of my healthy lifestyle is eating fresh, organic and whole foods. My garden is largely made up of greens which are made up of kales, spinaches and lettuce.

If I’m not not in my garden, reading, researching or speaking at conferences, you’ll find me out on a walk with my wife Peggy. Living close to the beach, we have many terrific locations that where we love to walk for fitness and mental relaxation. Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Dana Point are some of our favorite spots.

And of course, our little buddy, Cooper the dog, a Cavalier Spaniel likes to come with us whenever we can bring him along.

Lastly, I truly love what I do and the new focus on health and wellness-based dentistry (keeping patients healthy and not simply treating disease). I read and research all I can on the Oral-Systemic connection and nutrition. I’m also very fond of cooking and baking. I enjoy the creative process and for me, creativity in the kitchen is both fun and relaxing.

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Left: Dana with Cooper, his Cavalier Spaniel

Center: Dana loves the creative process including cooking and baking

Right: Dana enjoys spending time in his garden; pictured with one of his vertical gardens by JuicePlus+