Oncologists, cardiologists and other physician specialists are referring patients to Dr. Rockey in order to clear them for a variety of surgeries including cancer treatments and heart surgery. 

Physicians are starting to recognize the impact of periodontal disease on the body, its organs and systems. Periodontal disease must be addressed and healed in order to stabilize a patient prior to surgery to ensure that their body is as strong as possible to recover and heal from the surgery as thoroughly as possible.

In a recent case Dr. Rockey helped eliminate the harmful bacteria associated with periodontal disease for a patient who needed heart surgery. Dr. Rockey and the cardiologist worked closely, across disciplines, to ensure that the patient had the best opportunity to heal and recover by addressing the periodontal health factor.

A patient’s recovery is undermined when periodontal disease is permitted to go unaddressed. If you or someone you know are planning for an operation, you might strongly consider broadening the normal health screening that is done prior to surgery to ensure that nothing is missed.

Dr. Dana Rockey is available to patients or physicians to answer any questions. To schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Dana Rockey at (949) 642-4632 or Team@DanaRockey.com