Newport Beach dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey discussed various options and techniques of teeth whitening.

1) Whitening Toothpaste:
• Simplest and easiest
• Available through dental offices or drug stores
• Dr. Rockey recommends Ultradent (smooth and creamy and does a nice job of removing stains and some whitening of the teeth)
• Simple, minimal cost and is easy to use,

2) Semi-custom trays
• Preloaded with a peroxide-based bleaching material
• Material have been around since the beginning
• Trays fit most arches, mid teeth and the front teeth]
• Specific amount of materials in each box
• Minimal expense and a little extra effort for next level of result

3) Custom trays
• Take impressions of your teeth
• Make a model and vacuum-form a tray to fit over teeth
• Custom-made to fit patient’s specific mouth
• Tray is made of a very thin plastic material that fit teeth perfectly
• Dispense bleaching materials into the tray
• Trays worn from 15 minutes to overnight (with a low concentration of material
• Two (2) visits to the office: impression visit + delivery visit
• Trays good for a very long time.
Note: Bleaching Regression, or darkening over time is a matter of fact.
The use of custom trays is an excellent way to continually maintain the color that you choose. This is taking it to the next level in results, cost and effort.

4) Chair-side bleaching technique
• Very popular and advertised
• Dr. Rockey uses Ultradent brand material
• Material is very strong and highly concentrated
• Professional application and supervision required
• Protect the gums with a special material; protect eyes
• Two applications of twenty minute cycles
• Dr. Rockey technique combines chairside material with the custom trays + low concentration of material used with custom trays worn for another ten to fifteen minutes>

Today there are many more options for teeth whitening than were available when Dr. Rockey first started thirty years ago. Patients are still asking for it and were happy to provide the service because it does look very nice. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t have the color of teeth, or the degree of bleaching that you really want.

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