After 30 years of healthcare leadership, Dr. Dana Rockey DMD and Peggy Anne Rockey, RN have blended their careers to offer a comprehensive services that are helping people take charge of their health, from the inside-out.

From sleep medicine to dental services that include oral and systemic diagnostic services that allow patients to proactively screen and monitor their health  to coaching clients in health, wellness and nutrition, Dr. Rockey notes, “Our purpose is to help people to live healthy lives. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality healthcare and wellness services in proven and progressive ways.”

The Rockeys are leading their patients, their practice, and the dental/healthcare profession in a new direction. Their vision is to shift the focus from simply treating (responding) to disease, and instead championing health and wellness as the goal for all people.

Click to learn more about our service areas of focus: Sleep Medicine, Wellness-based Dental Care, Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching, and Nutrition (JuicePlus+).

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