The Formula for the New Standard of Healthcare = Approach + Discipline + Nutrition

It’s exciting to be on the leading edge of of healthcare reform. Not from a public policy perspective, but from the front lines. From his  treatment rooms in Newport Beach, California, Dana Rockey DMD is leading a new standard of healthcare and dentistry. 

According to Dr. Dana Rockey, “Our purpose at Dana Rockey, DMD is to help our patients live healthy lives. We achieve this through combining a wellness-based approach to dental care, an oral-systemic discipline, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through nutrition.”

Rockey says that by combining the most advanced technology with his practice’s platinum level of patient care, he is able to deliver the highest standard of dentistry and health care. 

This is positive news for those who want to stay healthy and out of doctors offices and hospitals. What most people don’t know is that periodontal disease is now directly connected to adverse health conditions and diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, kidney and lung disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, infertility, erectile dysfunction, preterm birth and other complications during pregnancy.

A significant change in the approach to health and wellness is the shift of wellness-based dentists like Rockey to the front lines of healthcare. According to the Newport Independent, “Rockey offers oral and systemic diagnostic services that allow patients to proactively screen and monitor their health in progressive ways that dentists have not offered their patients until now.”

Wellness Dentistry Focus

Most people recognize that the U.S. “healthcare system” is a “sick care system”. In other words, too often health care professionals are simply responding to, or reacting to disease and sickness. Rockey says, “our focus is on keeping patients healthy, out of hospitals and enjoying life. 

Oral-Systemic Discipline

Rockey and his cohorts who are also leaders in healthcare have come together to say, “we need to treat our patients as whole human beings who have interconnected systems”. The oral cavity (mouth), the heart, the brain and other organ systems are all interconnected. Bad bacteria in the mouth is pumped throughout the rest of the body, and we now know that oral bacteria and subsequent inflammation have been linked to many other conditions such as cancer, diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Healthy Lifestyle Through Nutrition

Having gone through a his own personal journey to health, Dr. Rockey is a passionate promoter of eating a daily, balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables. According to Dr. Richard DuBois, a board certified physician of infectious diseases, “nutrition is the number one contributor to good health, even over exercise.” Nutrition education is so important that Dr. Rockey has introduced nutrition education as an added value for his patients at his Newport Beach office. 

According to Peggy Rockey, RN and a Wellness Coach, “Cells are the foundation of everything that we have in our bodies. Oxidative stress breaks down our cells. At Dana Rockey, DMD, I work with our patients to educate them and help create plans that are practical for the demands that impact our lifestyle and schedules. Many of my conversations focus on incorporating what many of us know but for some reason don’t adopt into our lives, like proper rest, sleep, and hydration.”

Whole food based nutrition: JuicePlus+

The Newport Beach dentist practice has incorporated new tools, technology and resources to educate patients and allow them to live healthy lifestyles with convenience. Among recent additions is the introduction of whole food based nutrition, JuicePlus+. Peggy Rockey says, “after years of following the medical research and personally experiencing the benefits of eating JuicePlus+ as part of our daily diet for many years, we knew it was time to share the benefits of JuicePlus+ with our patients.” Although Dr. Rockey started taking JuicePlus+ four years ago, Peggy Rockey and the Rockey children have been taking the fruits and vegetable juice powder concentrate for over ten years.

Dr. Rockey shares his personal journey to health with patients who ask him. “Today, I am healthier, stronger and more energetic than I have been in my life” Dana Rockey notes. My life has changed dramatically for the better and we’re excited about making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

Dr. Rockey says, “I want our patients to be encouraged. They have the highest standard of care available to them and they’re in good hands. The reason I came to Newport Beach and opened a new practice was to dedicate the rest of my life to the advancement of wellness-based dentistry and healthcare.”

Rockey continues, “Some call it “Dentistry 2.0”, others call it wellness-based dentistry. We consider this a smart and essential approach to healthcare.”



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