If you’ve heard Dr. Dana Rockey speak publicly, read or seen any of his previous articles or videos, or have been a patient at his dental practice, you have likely heard the term, “oral-systemic connection”. Used in the broader context of wellness-based dentistry, the oral-systemic connection is the scientifically proven, medically recognized fact that there is a direct relationship between oral health and a person’s overall health.

Dr. Rockey and his team look at patients as a whole, and recognize that the mouth is interconnected with a body, and directly affects the health of the brain, and the body’s organs, arteries and other systems. Periodontal Disease is a major culprit that many patients, and even medical professionals, don’t really understand.

In a review of a recent patient case, Dr. Rockey reviews an x-ray that clearly shows advanced periodontal disease where he points out the tartar deposits on the sides of the teeth which generate the bad oral bacteria that us causing the progressive bone loss. Rockey notes, “if we were to look in this person’s mouth, we would likely see heavy bleeding around the gums that would be tender and swollen – all of which is caused by (bad) oral bacteria.


Oral bacteria causes the inflammation leads to the bleeding, swelling and the discomfort of the gums. It’s important to realize that the oral bacteria ejected in to the rest of the body by virtue of the blood vessel system; and when the bacteria gets into the blood vessel system, it is pumped throughout the body to other organs like the heart and the brain.

Medical research shows a dramatic increase in the probability of getting other diseases like cardiovascular disease, a stroke, diabetes, cancer, and even things like Rheumatoid Arthritis and pre-term labor.

All disease is related to inflammation, and a significant cause of inflammation throughout the body is the bacteria related to periodontal disease.

Dr. Rockey says, “I am still astounded at how few patients, and even worse, how few medical professionals really understand the significance of all this (the oral-systemic connection), and the consequences of bad oral bacteria that is pumped throughout the body, often unchecked”.

Rockey continues, “A significant part of our focus here in our Newport Beach dental practice is education; educating our patients on what happens, particularly with respect to periodontal disease, how that affects the rest of the body and the medical risks associated with that. That’s what we practice: wellness-based dentistry using an oral-systemic discipline. If you’d like more answers, or you’ve caught the vision and want to know more about wellness healthcare, explore our website, DanaRockey.com or just give us a call at (949) 642-4632. Dr. Rockey and his team are more than happy to help you any way that they can.