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juice-plusJuicePlus+ is an organic, whole food blend of 30 fruits and vegetables in a capsule. These dehydrated fruits and vegetables contain the highest nutritional potency level possible that contribute to the body’s recovery, rebuilding of muscles, and strengthening after your slow burn workout.

JuicePlus+ produce is organically grown in proprietary, organic farms without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

Most fruits and vegetables that are sold in grocery stores are harvested too early, and don’t develop the nutritional potency that our bodies need. They must also be transported long distances, so they are not fresh when they arrive at the crocery store. JuicePlus+ produce is harvested, frozen and dehydrated at the exact, optimal time. By harvesting the fruits and vegetables in their later maturity period, this yeilds the highest nutritional potency level possible.

clientFor 30 years Dana and Peggy Anne have been leaders in the healthcare industry. Today they have a wellness-based practice in Newport Beach that emphasizes the importance of nutrition to a person’s overall health and fitness.

As a client of The Perfect Workout, Dana’s coach noticed that his muscle recovery times and strength-building progress were achieved twice as fast as the average client. Dana credits JuicePlus+ nutrition, which is part of his daily regiment. In other words, Dana gained muscle mass and increased his strength twice as fast as the average Perfect Workout member.


Peggy Anne Rockey is a certified wellness and nutrition coach who works with The Perfect Workout members and others to consult with them on the science of nutrition and how it plays a role in helping you to reach your muscle-building and strength-building goals.

Call or text Peggy Anne Rockey at (949) 289-0409

Watch these videos to learn more about the importance of nutrition, the fuel your body needs to rebuild your muscles, fight disease and stay healthy.

Good food is the fuel that drives our body and performance. Learn about the various facets of fueling for performance.

It’s recommended that we eat 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. JuicePlus+ helps you bridge the gap between what you should and do eat, every day.
JuicePlus+ has played a key role in the Rockey’s personal journey to health and fitness. It makes healthy, whole food nutrition possible for people who lead busy lifestyles.


Dehydrated whole food nutrition in a capsule


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