If he’s not at his Newport Beach dental office, hiking, attending car shows or studying the latest health and dental journals, Dr. Dana Rockey can be found in his back yard, caring for a rainbow assortment of colorful fruits and vegetables that he and his wife Peggy grow in their soil-less, vertical garden.

Welcome to the latest trend, the Tower Garden by JuicePlus, that is catching on among those who want to create a unique experience by combining a fun activity with healthy nutrition.

The Rockey’s vertical garden brings advanced, water-saving, soil-less technology to back yards, schools and public spaces from coast-to-coast. These gardens are producing beautiful, organically grown fruits and vegetables that taste fresher and richer than anything you can buy from the grocery store. And because folks nurture these gardens themselves, they rest assured that no harmful chemicals have been used in growing the produce.

Recently, a national spotlight has made vertical gardens popular by teacher, Stephen Ritz, Founder of the Green Bronx Machine who was featured on CNN, TNTDisney ChannelPBS and other networks for his creative and innovative way that he incorporated vertical gardens in the classroom which resulted in creating remarkable positive outcomes in a Bronx school district that typically experiences low school attendance, high drop out rates and high levels of homelessness and drug use among students and their families.

Watch Steven Ritz’s story:

After speaking with Ritz at recent conference in Newport Beach, California, Rockey had an idea: He would encourage his circle of friends, extended family and patients to take up gardening as a fun activity and hobby for the summer.

Dr Dana Rockey and Peggy Rockey with Stephen Ritz Vertical Garden JuiscePlus+ event

Dr. Dana Rockey and Peggy Rockey with Stephen Ritz, Founder of the Green Bronx Machine

By doing so, families would experience a new way to engage with their children, spouse and neighbors. “In my experience, our vertical garden has added new conversations with our boys and friends. We have made healthy nutrition fun. Really fun!

From “Salad in a Jar” parties to bring-your-favorite-dish made with food that’s been grown in your garden parties, to fun potlucks that feature the best tasting salads and entres, we are finding that healthy nutrition has gone beyond a fun family hobby and evolved into a healthy lifestyle that’s fun.  

Salad in a Jar - Dr Dana Rockey Newport Beach Denist 5

One of our favorite things to do is create Salads in a Jar with our friends.


Salad in a Jar - Dr Dana Rockey Newport Beach Denist 1

One of the Salad-in-a-Jar parties at our friend’s home.

So, think of a space in your yard, cultivate the soil or set up your soil-less vertical garden and get busy planting seeds. If you’d like to buy a Tower Garden by JuicePlus+, click here and you’ll receive it within a few weeks.

Enjoy your summer. Start a garden and find new ways to make healthly nutrition a part of your life. And have fun doing it with someone special.

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